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Video Marketing for Better Contractor Website Rankings


There are a lot of contractor companies who have created websites for their businesses, yet somehow traffic is not coming in as they would like to. Traffic does not come naturally when you create a website. You need to take action to drive traffic or attract customers to your contractor company website. What you can do if you already have a website with good content, is to give it more value by making the content into video. Better organic rankings are brought in faster by videos than any other media.


You natural organic rankings will increase if you convert your web pages into video. You can even outrank the competition if you do so.


When you create an online video, you are creating personal connection with your potential clients. It is next to actually meeting someone in person. You can form trust and connection needed when working with someone you have never met. Your visibility on the internet will increase if you add videos to your website. Many businesses have not used the potential of video marketing which is one form of online marketing.


The first thing that you can create is a welcome video. It should be seen on the front page so your visitors can 'see' the content they are reading. You should not make your videos too long. A couple of minutes will do. This will be your first impression so it is important. This will basically be about you and your business but do your best to focus on your viewer, visit website here!


Aside from these introductory videos, there are other videos that you can create. You can create a short series of videos with contractor tips, videos introducing potential problems and showing how to resolve them, or videos of projects as they are built. These videos should not sell anything but it should show you on it as the authority on these things. Know more about marketing at http://www.ehow.com/how_2103074_start-digital-media-ad-agency.html.


Stay on target if you want your videos seen. Create tags that relate to the video. Stay on point and give your viewers what you promised. If you are sharing your expertise you should be seen in the video. If it is a 'how to' video then you can just record the audio over the screenshots.


You video must hold the attention of your audience. However, you should make the video short as long as you are able to get your point across.


You can put your videos in your website or on different free video websites. You can use YouTube and get great results too, click here to get started!